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From time to time, Dr. Barton is interviewed for television or newspaper stories. Below are a few samples.

How Safe is a Packed School Lunch?
08/17/2011 - KSDK Channel 5 News
Before you pack your student's lunch this morning,you may want
to reconsider what you put it in. It turns out you could
Prenatal Visitput your kids at risk for foodborne illnesses.

Does your child need routine cholesterol screening?
08/02/2010 - KSDK Channel 5 News
High cholesterol can be one of the big warning signs of heart disease. Should children have their levels routinely checked, just like adults?

11/6/2009 - KSDK Channel 5 News 
Prenatal VisitDr. Barton talks about recent conflicting reports on whether
or not vaccinations are linked to autism or other neurological problems.

Vitamin D Deficiencies
2008 - KSDK Channel 5 News 

Prenatal Visit

Prenatal Visit



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