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Comments from Parents

"I am always impressed with how Dr. Barton interacts with the kids during office visits. He always asks them about their activities, jokes with them, and spends those few minutes listening to them before starting the checkup. My son is now in college and still prefers to have Dr. Barton as his primary doctor, rather than switch to the PCP that my husband and I have." (a mother of three from Foristell)

"We met Dr. Barton as he worked with Dr. Barth. we loved Dr. Barton and soon would see either one. He is fast yet you never feel rushed but you don't sit in his office all day waiting! My kids love him!! And so do I." (a parent of 3 in O'Fallon, MO)

"We have known Dr. Barton for 10 years now – following the birth of our first child. We have since added three more patients to his practice. We generally have never had a problem getting in to see him when one of our children was sick. He’s provided excellent care for them. He’s also given us great referrals when necessary. For example, when our oldest fell and split her lip when she was 16 months old, he recommended a plastic surgeon to do her stitches so she’d have less scarring. Great call – she barely has a scar at all!" (a mother of four from Troy)

"Dr. Barton is very approachable and makes both me and my 5-year-old daughter feel comfortable in his office." (a mom from Foristell)

Prenatal Visit Prenatal Visit

"He was my pediatrician for 12+ years (since I was 5-6). Never rushed the visit even though he's always jammed, worked with my case of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and helped with recommendations, all around down-to-earth guy. He always has a solution/suggestion (getting a kid to swallow a pill, getting them to complete their strep throat test, etc) Staff always pleasant. Wish I could remain with Dr. Barton! "

"My daughters are 3 and 4 and have been seeing Dr. Barton since they were born. He is either the type of doctor you will love or hate. We love him. His staff is very friendly and will answer any question that you may have. We are thinking of moving and I am hoping that we can continue to see him, but may have to have a new doc. I would recommend Dr. Barton and his partners to anyone that needed a doc. We love his nurse Roseanne just as much. She somehow always makes my girls feel at ease even when she is going to give them a shot. Dr. Barton is some what of a nerd, but I think that is what makes him such an awesome doctor. So if you are looking for a doc in St. Charles County he is worth the drive. I live in St. Peters with plenty of choices, but will make the drive to see him in a heart beat!"

"Thank you Dr. Barton for taking the time to talk to all of us Moms (who have not gone to medical school) in a way that we can understand and not making us feel bad about having legitimate questions."

"Dr. Barton has been my daughters' doctor since they were born. He came highly recommended from another mother. Quote was you will either love him or hate him. Well, we love him. He is honest and open about treatment plans and does not sugar-coat things for us. His nurse Roseanne is a wonderful person to work with. My oldest is a little melodramtic at times, but they are both very patient with her and take time to explain what is going on. This helps a great deal!!! I am so glad that he is our doctor and have recommended him to several other moms out there!" (mother of 2 from Warrenton)

Doug is my son-in-law.  Even though he moved my beloved daughter from California to Missouri, I have gained a lot of respect for him over the years.  I think he is a fabulous doctor and I think I can prove it.  While in medical school, I asked him why he wanted to become a doctor.  His simple answer was:  “I want to help children…" and he was totally serious.  He did not answer “I want to make a lot of money” or “I want to be famous” or “I want people to respect me” like I would have done.  This really impressed me, since I went to school so I could get a good job and have nice cars, a nice house, and other nice things.
      Doug actually advertises that he take Medicaid patients. Doctors don’t make a lot of money from Medicaid patients and many doctors and hospitals refuse Medicaid patients because they make FAR more money with non-Medicaid patients.  When I asked Doug why he took Medicaid patients, his simple response was: “Someone has to take care of these children”.   Wow!  Doug puts the health and well being of children ahead of his own wants.  He could make a lot more money by restricting his practice to non-Medicare patients.
      Unlike most doctors, Doug restricts the number of patients he will accept because he does not want to be unavailable to a really sick child.  I applaud him for this.
      If you want to prove to yourself that Doug has your child’s best interests at heart (rather than making lots of money), ask him if there are vaccines he does not routinely recommend and he will list at least one that most doctors routinely give.  There is one vaccine I know of that, according to the television advertising, is a breakthrough vaccine and totally necessary.  Unfortunately this vaccine can have serious side effects so Doug advises against it unless you, the parent, are fully informed and decide the risk is worth the protection.  Note that doctors make a pile of money from vaccines.  In fact, if Doug gave this vaccine to all his patients, his additional income would be about one half of what my total salary used to be as a senior software engineer.
      Dr. Barton is an honorable man with a lot of integrity.  I am impressed by his priorities of placing your child’s health and well being first, as well as his sincerity and generosity."
            (Paul Ritchie, father-in-law)

Prenatal VisitComments from Kids

"Dr. Barton is funny and helps me when I'm sick."
(Abbie, age 10)

"Dr. Barton helped my brother when he had a bike wreck and then passed out in the bathroom!"
(Sam, age 12)

"I like Dr. Barton because he's funny."
(Remy, age 7)

"He fixes me and I get stickers!"
(Kylee, age 4)

"I remember Dr. Barton giving me suggestions on building muscles and weight lifting."
(Jake, HS graduate)

"Dr. Barton helps me when I'm not feeling good."
(Barrett, age 6)

"I like when he looks in my ears because he always finds funny things in there."
(Gracie, age 3)

"Dr. Barton gives us suckers!"
(Abby, age 8)

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