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08-17-2011 It's the Kissing Disease! More About Mono
08-09-2011 Just How Safe Is That Lunch?
07-12-2011 Fever Doesn't Hurt Children
12-07-2009 My Doctor Says My Kid Is Faking It!
11-04-2009 Constipation
10-29-2009 Returning to Full Activity
10-22-2009 Skin Infections
10-13-2009 Dealing with H1N1 "Swine" Influenza
09-01-2009 The Importance of Vitamin K for Newborns
08-10-2009 Asthma Attack!
08-03-2009 The Secret to Living a Long Life
07-24-2009 Why Do We Rush So Much?
07-14-2009 Talking About Taste
06-28-2009 Running In The Heat
06-24-2009 To Tube Or Not To Tube?
06-12-2009 Should Toddlers Stay Rear-Facing Longer?
06-08-2009 Family Vacation Time
06-02-2009 Household Hazards
05-25-2009 Plasma for Cash?
05-18-2009 Beware of Mosquitos and Ticks!
05-10-2009 Mothers' Day
05-01-2009 Swine Flu
04-29-2009 Exercise for Kids
04-24-2009 The Importance of Physical Fitness
04-16-2009 Mommy, My Tummy Hurts
04-08-2009 Allergy Season
03-30-2009 Head Injuries
03-26-2009 When Kids Won't Listen
03-17-2009 Hobbies and Kids
03-09-2009 My Kids Are Driving Me Nuts!
03-02-2009 When Can I Take My Newborn Out?
01-29-2009 Boosters Rid Kids of Whooping Cough
01-22-2009 Gastroenteritis
01-09-2009 Medicine Is Human
12-28-2008 Toddler Diet
12-01-2008 Sports Genetics
11-19-2008 Being Thankful for Your Kids
11-17-2008 Anorexia
10-30-2008 BPA- Bisphenol A
10-22-2008 Vitamin D
10-20-2008 Eew, It's Green!
10-13-2008 Is ADD for Real?
10-11-2008 What Is It About Kids?
10-06-2008 Vaccinations Reduce Infections and Save Lives
09-29-2008 Daughters and Tears
09-18-2008 How Vaccines Work
09-10-2008 Safety of Vaccines for Kids
08-18-2008 Don't Let Our Kids' Potential Get Lost in the Stampede


Dr. Douglas Barton is a board-certified pediatrician practicing in Lake Saint Louis , Missouri.
He has written numerous articles for medical 'blogs and community outreach media.
Dr. Barton serves children in the western St. Charles County area as well as Lincoln County and Warren County .




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