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Mothers' Day

by Dr. Douglas Barton, M.D., Pediatrician 05/10/2009

As yesterday was Mother’s Day, I thought it would be fitting to make my next blog entry about Moms. You see, I see a lot of you Moms throughout the course of my work day. I get to see you happy, and I get to see you sad. I get to see when you’re holding in your frustration, and I sometimes get to see when you lose it. I see how you protect your little ones, and I get to see when you let them fall down and get hurt. I get to see when you’re confused, and I get to see when the light comes on and you figure it out.

Mom, you get to come into the office when Dad says, “I think you should go have the doctor look at it.” You get to come into the office when your own mother tells you, “I think he’s too skinny.” You get to come into the office when the teacher says, “Maybe you should talk to your doctor about it.” You get to come into the office when you haven’t had any sleep because you were the one up taking care of that cough so that your little one could get some rest.

Mom, in most homes, you make the dinners. You clean the floors. You fold the clothes. You get the kids to and from school or day care. You do the shopping. You plan the menus. You may even plan the nights out. I realize that in many homes, these roles are changing, especially in homes where moms are working outside the home. But in most homes, the roles have stayed fairly traditional.

Mom, you nurse the “boo-boos.” You provide comfort during thunderstorms. You are the first to say, “You did a great job!” You provide the arms of comfort to cry in when the job wasn’t so well done. You’re the one who usually picks up the pieces when your little ones’ lives come falling apart.

You single moms amaze me (some of you married moms may feel like sigle moms…I understand that, too). You not only do all of the above, but you also hold down a job that has to cover more of the expenses than you ever thought would be your responsibility. Some of you even manage to go out on a date once in a while to hopefully meet up with someone who can help meet your needs.

In short, I think very highly of you Moms who make meeting the needs of your children your top priority in life, day in and day out. I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!




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