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Some Days, You Just Need To Give Your Kid A Hug

by Dr. Douglas Barton, M.D., Pediatrician 11/19/2008

Every day in the office and as a parent is a challenge.  There are always ups and downs, good days and frustrating days, but every so often, a day comes along that just reminds you to pause, re-think life and hug your kids.  I’m having one of those days.
Many of you know from prior entries that my son has some very challenging moments.  Apparently, he had one today at school that led to some disciplinary issues (much different from the Friday morning phone call I described some time ago).  We’re working it out.  This time, it happened to come on a day when life threw a curve ball to another family I see.  The other family’s curve ball makes me love my own kids even more.

You see, a mother was taking care of two children, one of whom was hers that she was holding in her arms.  The other child took off running and as mother took off to catch him, she tripped over a notch in the side-walk.  When she fell, she fell right on top of her two year old who hit his head.  Needless to say, this would scare any mother.  He was promptly taken to the local emergency room for the injury.  The x-rays of his head looked okay, but something about him caused the ER physician to order a CT scan.

What they found on CT will be life changing for this family.  Unknown to anyone and without any symptoms except occasional throwing up, he has a large tumor growing in his head.  The neurosurgeon has told them that it is very large and will need to be operated on immediately.  All of a sudden, life changes.  No good reason.  No explanations.  No one’s fault.  Accidents happen.  Bad things happen to good people.   Life changes.

How thankful are you?  Do you remind yourself daily how thankful you are for the life that you have?  Do you consider what blessings you have, few or many, often?  Does the dinner time prayer mean more to you than just a routine that you go through?  This family will go through this Thanksgiving season worried, fearful for tomorrow, and thankful for every day that they have with their two year old.  While my son’s infraction is frustrating to me, in the grand scheme of things… well, you fill in the blank.  Oh, and do me a favor, hug that teenager that’s driving you nuts!



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