Kids Love Dr. Barton

What is it about Kids?

by Dr. Douglas Barton, M.D., Pediatrician 10/11/2008

            I ponder this question often.  Why would I even ask such a question?  Aren’t children a gift from God, always to be cherished?  Aren’t they the twinkle in our eye?  Aren’t they the center of most parents conversations?  Wouldn’t we put ourselves in front of a run-away big rig to protect them? 
            Yes, but aren’t they also the source of many a lost night sleep?  Aren’t they the root of many disagreements in many homes?  Don’t they just test every last shred of patience you could possibly have sometimes?  It is true: Our kids are the source of both our greatest joys and our deepest sorrows.
            Think deeply about this sometime.  Kate has told us about her adventure in Chicago and about the grossest thing a kid can do.  At the time, she was probably horrified!  Now she can tell stories and laugh about it.  In the office, a two year old will have an absolute fit and refuse to let me look in her ears and throat and almost nothing her parent and I do will change that.  In spite of that, I haven’t hung up my hat and said, “I quit.”  After being screamed at by the 4th or 5th kid in a row, I at least consider it, though.  Then, as I drive home, I realize how much I mean to these families and children and commit to being screamed at yet another day.
            Children are our hope.  They bring us great joy in their successes.  When their love is freely given, it is absolutely precious.  While they are busy refusing to do their chores, while our internal thermometer rises, we can still look at them and wonder, “just who is this child going to become.”  Then, of course, there is the child you see quietly sleeping in their beds (at least, I hope they’re in their own bed and not yours!).  If you ever have trouble remembering why you parent, look at your child sleeping and your heart will completely melt!
            I have a picture in my office of my daughter that I think most of you can relate to that describes this well.  She is looking up at the camera with this sly little grin, her hands clasped behind her back.  The smile is all sweetness, but the pose is entirely something else.  It is as if she is saying, “Daddy, I know you know what I just did, but I also know that you really don’t want to do anything about it?”   You know… I really don’t want to do anything about it. 






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